A free spirited, calm, collected personality. Born in Cameroon (Central Africa) and raised in various places notably Paris,Kenya and now Canada. Had passion for fashion as a wearer,designer,lover, shopaholic and soon marketer; politics (huge debater); sports(soccer,basketball,cycling,swimming,judo,karate and many others), music(random productions,singing,writing), dancing, pop culture and many other things. And now i study Business Management and Entrepreneurship and hopefully create my own clothing line. I do also blog from time to time commenting about things happening in the Pop entertainment websites, fashion tips.

My passion for fashion started at the age of 5 when i will be reading African fashion magazines, redesigning the dress and adding mu own touch and  personality into it. Traveling and living in various areas of the globe i have had inspirations from the people i meet or see on the streets.

My fashion personality ranges from haute couture,street,sweets,boyfriend jacket,african designs and many others

Read a lot of fashion magazines from Harper Bazaar(fashion ultimate bible) to maxim not forgetting Vogues(italia,french,america,australia and many others) to Elle passing through…. the list is long. Favorite designers will be Julianne McDonald(british designer), Chanel, Karl largafield, Burberry,…. the list is long. My inspirations are fast but fit each 4 seasons.

Icons range Lady Diana,Trya Banks,Elle Mcpherson,Sarah Murdoch….long list again

I will showcasing a few jewelry if interested visit my store: http://nene.ecrater.com/

Nene Fashion is all about how i view things. Nene was derived from 2 places 1) My 19 month cousin couldn’t pronounce my name Nelaine when he started talking and ended up with the name Nene. 2) One of my closet of friends and i decided to be called Nene to make our lives easier with talking to one another

12 Responses to About

  1. bretagnebko says:

    You may be interested in the line that my business partner and I are launching called Lamb ER Kay….below is the link.



  2. Jules says:

    Hi there! I think your blog is awesome, so I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    Check the nomination out here: http://forvanityssake.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/4th-and-5th-liebster-award/


  3. Yef says:

    Hello Nene,
    Thanks for stopping by at IRepCamer. I love your blog!! Adding to my go to fashion blogs!


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