Promotion & Coupons

As a student, i live on a tight budget although i don’t live at residence or renting but i need to keep up on the budget. So instead on instore shopping i do alot of online shopping where coupons and promotions make my budget look prettier and manageable and i know many other students or families would like to shop at high end fashion stores at a reasonable prices.

For today i will post yesterday and todays my favorite online stores and their coupons:

One Dress a day: A runway inspired limited clothing which releases dresses every day i.e 365 days in a year( first ever e commerce to do so) has an ungoing promotions one for when you signup to their email list you get 10% of your first purchase. This week promotion is shop and get a $40 gift voucher on your next dress purchase. Free Shipping is offered

Annabelle: Ah ha Makeup how i thy love thee especially you annabelle. If you live in the Quebec province, run to the nearest Jean Coutu for a 25% rebates of the BB cream from 17-23 October



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