Men Fashion Week FW 2015- Christophe Lemaire

Fashion Week for 2015 has begun at your major fashion cities notably in Milan and Paris. Today we look at the chic, manly and elegant trends that brings Christophe Lemaire


00110h_986464494_north_121x180 00120h_858729056_north_121x180 00130h_168007458_north_121x180 00140h_988060802_north_121x180 00150h_808825298_north_121x180 00160h_636701711_north_121x180 00170h_922325559_north_121x180 00180h_85476935_north_121x180 00190h_964528111_north_121x180 00200h_46734243_north_121x180 00210h_215706928_north_121x180 00220h_175695416_north_121x180 00230h_720102946_north_121x180 00240h_613254681_north_121x180 00250h_255895578_north_121x180 00260h_403458739_north_121x180 00270h_493374343_north_121x180 00280h_304344268_north_121x180 00290h_614357846_north_121x180 00300h_97915394_north_121x180 00010h_144862919_north_250x373 00020h_479824737_north_121x180 00030h_988073931_north_121x180 00040h_498323853_north_121x180 00050h_771108735_north_121x180 00060h_718220723_north_121x180 00070h_480653276_north_121x180 00080h_18826001_north_121x180 00090h_838157497_north_121x180 00100h_59412264_north_121x180

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