Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2014 couture

You may have seen Alexandre designs on various celebs notably Beyonce, Kim K and many others. Always the classy designers Alex Fall 2014 couture didn’t disappoint with its new take on the jumpsuits, dress and many others.



YVL_6272.450x675 YVL_6305.450x675 YVL_6323.450x675 YVL_6330.450x675 YVL_6352.450x675 YVL_6373.450x675 YVL_6383.450x675 YVL_6403.450x675 YVL_6419.450x675 YVL_6436.450x675 YVL_6456.450x675 YVL_6472.450x675 YVL_6504.450x675 YVL_6516.450x675 YVL_5973.450x675 YVL_5981.450x675 YVL_5995.450x675 YVL_6009.450x675 YVL_6028.450x675 YVL_6041.450x675 YVL_6067.450x675 YVL_6082.450x675 YVL_6101.450x675 YVL_6126.450x675 YVL_6145.450x675 YVL_6158.450x675 YVL_6170.450x675 YVL_6192.450x675 YVL_6205.450x675 YVL_6222.450x675 YVL_6234.450x675 YVL_6256.450x675

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