5 Spring basics

Spring is the season to hone onto the least accents and most structure desires in your wardrobe. The to-die-for pieces to hone for have been found and i have been able to round-up your best pieces at a comfortable budget.
1) Pastel Bag: Replace the winter’s bulky black bag with a pastel one. Style it with a printed dress in a similar color scheme, with a jacket and bright pumps
5 Spring basics
2) Slouchy pants: 
This slouchy pants are packing a bunch this season. For a simple office wear, pair it with a coat or blazers and bright pumps and for a night out a tank top and sandals will do. For this look pair it with a floral chiffon crop top and an amazing accessoriesPants
Pants by lilcutiee featuring black pants
3) Metal Choker: 
Minimal silhouette is your goal with a metal choker blending in you have an achievable one. A high-necked, sleeveless dress, fringed shoes and your choice of mascaraMetal choker
4) Structured Top: 
Grab a structured top, pair it skinny distressed jeans, bold sandals and lipstick of your choice preferable an orange matte oneStructured Top
5) Ankle strap: 

Your oozing sex appeal sandal is another spring essentials. Pair it any casual outfit in the day and at night a mini dress. For this style pair the ankle strap sandal with a white paneled T, blue high-rise skinny jeans and metal sunglassesAnkle strap
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