Easter-Family gathering (men)

Happy Easter! Yep men easter is tomorrow and we all know that family gathering and bbq are going to be at the top of all agendas(except if you live in places where it is still snowing)
1) Church wear: Yes Pastel for men! I actually saw this in a magazines and said why not recommend this for Easter. Easter (men)
2) Formal Dinner:  Lets revisit and revise the Black suit and replace the black blazer with a monochrome (white and black collar), dark blue pants, black waistcoats, White formal tux shirt with bow tie, and a black leather Oxford shoe and you get an amazing formal dinner wear.
Formal dinner
3) Brunch: Well with a bright, sunny day being announce for tomorrow why not wear light and comfy clothes to that brunch with family.
Sunday Brunch
4) Meeting the Parents: Breathe! Yes meeting the parents is a kind off new thing to do during Easter especially if it is the first meeting (pssh you don’t want to look weird next to your partners’ parents). Just like for the women First impressions matter and well the way you dress will score you bonus points.
Sunday Brunch
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