Monday- Designer Interview Anastasia Buchinskaya

I have been slacking on my blog post due to Olympic Games(Yep had to cheer for Team Canada all the way) but am back to normal uploads. Today we meet a young designer from Russia, Anastasia Buchinskaya. Here’s how our interview went:

Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
My name is Anastasia Buchinskaya I’m a fashion designer and artist from Russia.
From the very childhood I remember myself with paper and colors. I was crazy about art, painting and fashion. I was drawing everywhere – in my albums, on the walls in my flat (my mother didn’t appreciate it though:). So when it was a time to choose the future profession I knew for sure that I want to become a fashion designer.
I graduated Moscow State Textile University (the most prestigious in Russia in fashion fields) in 2010 as a designer of knitwear. Then for a  couple of years I was working as a designer of men clothes in a big russian company. There I started to be interested in branding and fashion management. These fields are not so explored in Russia and we don’t have enough of experience in Russia about these fields so I decided to receive this knowledge in Europe. I won a scholarship in Domus Academy in Master of Fashion Management course and I graduated in 2012. During this time I also became a fashion illustrator. So generally speaking I’m highly passionate about fashion, branding, art and illustration. I also love theater and travel around the world. Every day I try to learn something.
What does fashion mean to you?

For me fashion is my profession. I live it everyday. It starts from the morning by reading my favorite blogs and some sites which inspire me and ends before sleeping when I draw some sketches or illustrations or read some books about great people in fashion and their lives.

How would you define your city’s fashion?

Now I live in Moscow where I can say there kind of no fashion at all unfortunately. Before I spend 2 years in Milan and it was like fairytale for me. There I can say fashion is in the air and in the blood of people. What I really appreciate is style and not fashion. Fashion is just a business which runs very fast. And there are a lot of young people who tries to follow it without thinking and sometimes it’s just funny to see. But most of italian people have their own style and this style u never mixed up with some other nationalities. I can say that I fall in love with italian way of fashion and style. And for me Milan is just the best fashion city for now, I never been in NYC so maybe after visiting it I will change my mind. And that’s my dream actually to live there.

 When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?
I think it happened about 7 when I’ve watched some fashion shows on TV. I just realized that I want to be a part of this world.
What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Probably to see the pieces of my clothes on the real people. When I was working as a designer of men clothes usually every day I’ve seen men were wearing my jumpers, cardigans, t-shirt and so on. I was proud of myself at that moments.

what do u enjoy most about designing clothes?

I adore the past of creating the collection. Research, mood, style..tones of sketches, elements..Then u combine together a lot of elements and create something new according to your idea and aesthetic.

What kind of feedback did you get on your first collection?

My first collection was avant-garde made from not traditional materials, and people who seen it were just amazed and they asked me which materials I used to create it. And then when I said that it’s everything handmade by me they didn’t believe in it. By the way I won a lot of prizes with this collection.

Among your collections what is your most and least favorite ones? Your most sought out by buyers?

I don’t have my favorite collection because every one is completely different, for different target for different purpose. For example now I’m working on my own brand of designer’s scarves from natural silk. This collection consists of 20 limited edition scarves with prints created by me. I really enjoy the whole process because now I create the whole image of brand not only collection. I work on everything from the quality of silk and printing, till the lookbook for buyers. I create packaging and presentation text and I do PR work as well. So I can say that now I have a great chance to use all my knowledge not only about design part but also a managing part of fashion.  And I hope that buyers will also like the idea and final result.

Do you have a specific research process when you start a new collection?

I just tried to find as much info as possible and usually my room becomes like an exhibition center with photos everywhere. I’m thinking about my concept without end every time. I discuss my ideas with  my friends and family and sometimes they give me reasonable feedback.

Who inspires you the most in fashion? Anyone who stands out?

I don’t have a list of these people. A lot of fashion designers and editors are really great and everybody of them has something what I can learn from them. But there was one man who really impressed me lately. I don’t remember such a feelings before when I saw some clothes before. He is a Japanese textile artist Itchiku Kubota. When I’ve seen his works with silk I was speechless. He started with it when he was 60! And all the time before he made some experiments with silk to understand the difficult technology and to invent his own one. To create one kimono he used 1 year. His patience, work and result made me crazy. Unfortunately he is not so popular but in my opinion he really deserves to be famous in fashion.

*Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I dream to have my own successful fashion label which sells worldwide.  The start is made already I just need to work on it.
Any closing conclusions/advice to give our readers or future designers
Never give up and believe in yourself. All the rest will come by working. It works with everything: with life, with work, with fashion!


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