Monday Designer corner- Denise David

Meet Denise David, an canadian designer of Trinidadian-Aruban ancestry based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

I contacted Denise on for this interview because her designs were jaw dropping. Check out her interview:

*What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, showing your world who you are with out words.

*How would you define your city’s fashion?

I live in Toronto Ontario, Canada and my city is very diverse. You can find absolutely every country in the world balled up in our great city. I find fashion from all cultures are fused together, we make it our own, I love it!!

*When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

I always say this when I was in grade 3. I knew cause I was always making clothes for my dolls instead of just playing house with them…lol. I branded myself this title from a very young age and I am living out my dream:)

*What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

My favorite part is creating something that a client feels and looks absolutely stunning in. It really gives me joy that I created some type of happiness to my clients through my designs!!

*what do u enjoy most about designing clothes?

I love sketching and creating the pattern side. I never thought I would say this cause taking pattern drafting classes was soooo draining to me…omgeee but as I kept on pushing and training myself I found that the blue print of a garment is the key to a successful design and you can create anything when your foundation is strong!!!

*What kind of feedback did you get on your first collection?

Oh everybody was shocked!! they loved it. People started to take me more seriously and see that I have skills and that I can create simple yet stylistic designs

*Among your collections what is your most and least favorite ones? Your most sought out by buyers?

I love both my collections.. I really do not want to have to choose because they represent what I was feeling at the time…fun and flirty the first collection and regal the second…I feel the two has very strong pieces that buyers can pick from to sell in stores…Sorry I love them both…hehe;)

*Do you have a specific research process when you start a new collection?
Yes…visualization in my mind first for a while….I will ponder and create sinerios with the style. Then I will do my lil sketches everywhere on post it notes for like a week or two. Then I will start to visualize how I would create the pattern so that when I start it, it comes fast and easy with out flaw;). Inregards to fabric and colour selection I will go on my lunch breaks (cause I do still have a full time job aside from my business) and research in the fabric stores. (where I work and live is not to far from the fashion district). I will do this for like a few weeks depending on my time line, then I will narrow down and go with my gut…cause the gut never lies your mind might but not the gut…lol. From then on I fuse together and make it happen baby!!

*Who inspires you the most in fashion? Anyone who stands out?
Elie Saab…one word effortless…sorry now a sentence, his clothes is like taking a break from everyday society’s fashion and going on a trip to a fashion resort where you are pampered with ultimate classic beautiful designs. I use him as a blue print to where I would like to be. I would love to meet this man…Amazing!!!

For more info check her website:

Lookbook Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Lookbook Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Lookbook Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Lookbook Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Lookbook Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Lookbook Fall/Winter 2014-2015

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